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Monday, December 3, 2007

SEO Guru Planning to Start Online SEO Course

Hello All,

I have been there in this Internet Marketing Industry from so long that I am planning to think of capitalizing my knowledge and also at the same time help other fellow SEO's to learn the advanced optimization techniques.

Let me see if anybody is interested in my Online SEO Course. The syllabus which I thought of is divided into 2 parts. 1 for the starters/newbies and the other for standard SEO's who dream of becoming Gurus in this field. The Course is not for any time period, I will make sure you get all the knowledge before you are out of this Online SEO course. No time bound course, I wont say only 2-3 months but it depends on person to person, what projects they are working on and how much they can grasp.
I will be mostly teaching in weekends and if required available 1-2 hours daily in week days too.

For everybody, there will be content which will be derived from my own past experiences working on several real time projects. One to One interaction and specific site examples will also be shared with all. Basically i am trying to Build an army of SEO's who will inturn again teach the SEO skills to others. It could even be your next door Internet Center managing boy.

If anybody have project on hands, I can also be helping them for their specific needs as per the requirements and as you all know I am a Qualified Google Adwords Professional, I can even Help, Support you for passing the Google Exam. This will inturn gives you edge over others as you will have SEO Guru by your side for all your needs. so, you can dream and become a SEO Guru and Expert in Search Engine Marketing in few months time.

I have also re-started working on my ambitious project, a book on/for SEOs named "SEO EyeBall". This will be mostly aimed at persons who are trying to earn from internet, ofcourse with their skill and hard-work. If we can tap and utilize the internet centers in India for SEO purpose, we all can create ripples in Internet Marketing World. Even the biggest empires of the online world will stop and look at us for the amount of activity we can generate. Think and act. Let us create a niche name for ourself in this online marketing field.

C Ya!

Take Care and Nurture, cherish your Dreams. Someday they will become reality.

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Keri Foley said...

Webmarket Protocols

This is a good idea as not all is aware on even familiar with the existence of SEO. Having an Online Course is great way to spread the application of SEO